(19171) 341 menuCH-Kids - National nutrition survey in children and adolescents

6919753 SIMAP - 15.07.2020
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Ausschreibung - Quelle: SIMAP)
- Verfahrensart:  Offenes Verfahren
- Auftragsart:  Nicht vorhanden
- Dem WTO-Abkommen unterstellt:  Ja

1. Auftraggeber
1.1 Offizieller Name und Adresse des Auftraggebers
Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO
Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO
Schwarzenburgstrasse 155
3003 Bern
E-Mail: beschaffung.wto@bbl.admin.ch
1.2 Angebote sind an folgende Adresse zu schicken
Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FOBL
Public Tender Service
Project (19171) 341 menuCH-Kids
Fellerstrasse 21
3003 Bern
Fax: +41 58 463 26 98
E-Mail: beschaffung.wto@bbl.admin.ch
1.3 Gewünschter Termin für schriftliche Fragen
Bemerkungen: First round of questions: until 05.08.2020
Second round of questions: until 28.08.2020

If questions arise when compiling the tender, these can be submitted in an anonymised form to the questions forum at www.simap.ch.
Any questions submitted after this deadline will not be answered.
Tenderers will be notified by e-mail as soon as the answers have been posted on www.simap.ch.
1.4 Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
Datum: 15.10.2020
Uhrzeit: 23:59
Formvorschriften: Concerning the submission of tenders: address see paragraph 1.2.
When submitting to the FOBL goods acceptance unit (by tenderer or courier): The tender must be submitted no later than the above-mentioned submission date during the goods acceptance unit's opening hours (08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00) in return for issue of a confirmation of receipt from the FOBL.
When submitting by post: The date used to determine the timeliness of submission is the postmark date or the barcode with the possibility of tracking issued by a Swiss post office or a state-recognised postal operator in another country (corporate postmarks are not accepted as official postmarks). In the case of dispatch using WebStamp franking, the burden of proof for timely submission lies with the provider.
When submitting the tender to a Swiss diplomatic or consular mission abroad:
Tenderers based in another country may submit their tender, by the above deadline and during the opening hours, to a Swiss diplomatic or consular mission in their own country in return for issue of a confirmation receipt. The tenderer must then fax the confirmation of receipt from the respective mission by the submission deadline (fax number specified in section 1.2).
In all cases, the tenderer must ensure that it secures evidence that the tender was submitted on time.
1.5 Art des Auftraggebers
Bund (Zentrale Bundesverwaltung)
1.6 Verfahrensart
Offenes Verfahren
1.7 Auftragsart
Nicht vorhanden
1.8 Gemäss GATT/WTO-Abkommen, resp. Staatsvertrag

2. Beschaffungsobjekt
2.1 Art des Dienstleistungsauftrages
Dienstleistungskategorie CPC: [27] Sonstige Dienstleistungen
2.2 Projekttitel (Kurzbeschrieb) der Beschaffung
(19171) 341 menuCH-Kids - National nutrition survey in children and adolescents
2.3 Aktenzeichen / Projektnummer
(19171) 341
2.4 Gemeinschaftsvokabular
CPV: 79311000 - Umfragen
CPV: 79311200 - Durchführung von Umfragen
CPV: 79311300 - Umfragenanalyse
CPV: 79330000 - Statistische Dienstleistungen
CPV: 79311210 - Telefon-Umfragen
CPV: 72314000 - Datenerhebung und -zusammentragung
CPV: 72316000 - Datenanalyse
CPV: 85111810 - Blutuntersuchungen
CPV: 85121200 - Dienstleistungen von Fachärzten
CPV: 85121291 - Dienstleistungen von Kinderärzten
CPV: 85141000 - Dienstleistungen von medizinischem Personal
CPV: 85145000 - Dienstleistungen von medizinischen Laboratorien
CPV: 73100000 - Dienstleistungen im Bereich Forschung und experimentelle Entwicklung
CPV: 73110000 - Forschungsdienste
CPV: 73300000 - Planung und Ausführung von Forschung und Entwicklung
2.5 Detaillierter Aufgabenbeschrieb
The survey is called menuCH-Kids and is intended to show who eats what, how much, when and where. Thanks to interviews and anthropometric measurements, data will be collected on food consumption, dietary and health behaviours in children and adolescents between 3 and 17 years of age. The consumption data will be recorded using 24h records and 24h recalls during a face-to-face interview (CAPI) and a telephone interview (CATI). In addition, a sample of spot urine and of venous blood will be taken from a subpopulation of 6- to 17-year olds (voluntary for the subjects) in order to better characterise the nutritional status and nutrient intake.
Core service
- Production of the Implementation concept
- Implementation of a pilot and realisation of the interim report
2.6 Ort der Dienstleistungserbringung
Schwarzenburgstrasse 155, 3003 Bern
2.7 Aufteilung in Lose?
2.8 Werden Varianten zugelassen?
2.9 Werden Teilangebote zugelassen?
2.10 Ausführungstermin
Bemerkungen: Start : Q1 2021, end: Q2 2024

3. Bedingungen
3.1 Generelle Teilnahmebedingungen
3.2 Kautionen / Sicherheiten
3.3 Zahlungsbedingungen
Within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, net in CHF, plus VAT, provided that the invoice is correctly submitted via e-billing.
Administration on e-bills can be found on the following website: www.bbl.admin.ch - Rubrik Das BBL - E-Rechnung
3.4 Einzubeziehende Kosten
All prices must be stated in Swiss francs (CHF) and net of VAT. The price net of VAT shall in particular include insurance, expenses, social security contributions, transport, customs duty, etc.
3.5 Bietergemeinschaft
Permitted. If the tenderer is taking part in the procedure as a consortium, a company that will assume leadership (substitution, coordination) must be designated. The tenderer must list all participants, together with their assigned roles.
3.6 Subunternehmer
Permitted. If the tenderer involves subcontractors for contract performance, the tenderer will assume overall responsibility. The tenderer must list all subcontractors involved, together with their assigned roles.
3.7 Eignungskriterien
aufgrund der nachstehenden Kriterien:
All companies with sufficient economic capacity, which meet the following criteria and proof of suitability acc. to paragraph 3.8, are invited to submit a tender in Swiss francs (CHF).
3.8 Geforderte Nachweise
aufgrund der nachstehenden Nachweise:
The verification of competences must be submitted absolutely complete and without restriction or modification in writing. If not complete, the tender offer will not be evaluated.

EC01 Economic/financial capacity
The tenderer has sufficient economic/financial capacity to be able to fulfil the mandate.
This proof of eligibility is to be submitted only upon request after the tender has been submitted and before the contract has been awarded: Authenticated extract from the commercial register and extract from the debt collection register no older than three months when requested by the contracting authority. In the case of overseas tenderers, comparable and current official documents from the foreign country.
Note: The authority issuing the call for tenders conducts an electronic check of the extract from the central business names index (www.zefix.ch).

EC02 a) Compliance with procedural principles
The tenderer confirms that it and the third parties commissioned by it (subcontractors and sub-suppliers) are in compliance with the procedural principles in accordance with the self-declaration form of the Federal Procurement Conference FPC.
b) Additional proof of compliance with equal pay for men and women
In addition to the self-declaration form, tenderers with over 50 employees and their first-level subcontractors with over 50 employees each have to provide evidence of how the wage practice was checked.

EC03 Tenderer's expertise
The tenderer has sufficient expertise and experience to fulfil this mandate. It provides evidence of this experience by means of one or more references.

EC04 Study director
The tenderer has an experienced study director who is professionally skilled in the topic area of the present invitation to tender. The study director is the single point of contact (SPOC) and must have a good command of German, French and/or English. A deputy must be provided.
If there is a co-director, the person who acts as SPOC must be clearly defined.

EC05 Escalation
The tenderer has appointed a person with a good command of German, French or English who is responsible for the escalation of problems with the contracting authority and ensuring the delivery of the contractually agreed services. The same person may not act as study director and escalation officer.
A deputy must be provided.

EC06 Human resources
The tenderer confirms that in connection with the delivery of the entire mandate it will use qualified specialists in the following areas, who can understand, read, speak and write one or more of the official languages (German, French and Italian):
- Nutrition and dietetics
- Paediatrics
- Survey methodology
- Blood sampling and processing biological samples
- Biomedical laboratory analytics
- Statistics and epidemiology
- IT & data management
- etc.

EC07 Nutrition specialists
The tenderer confirms that for conducting the interviews, and cleansing and preparing the food consumption data, it will recruit and employ nutrition specialists (with a minimum of a Bachelor's in dietetics) who are familiar with Swiss culinary specialities and can understand, read, speak and write at least one of the following national languages: German, French or Italian. An adequate knowledge of English for training purposes would be an advantage.

EC08 Medical professionals
The tenderer confirms that it will employ medical professionals familiar with the handling of children and adolescents for blood sampling.

EC09 Replacement of employees
The tenderer undertakes to replace employees as follows because of insufficient qualifications or for other reasons:
In the event that the contract is awarded, any employees assigned to deliver the service who do not, or no longer, satisfy the qualification requirements set forth in the tender documents, or are rejected for other reasons (such as negative security checks by the Confederation, notice of termination, extended leave, accident, illness etc.), will, at the request of the contracting authority or at its own discretion, be replaced by personnel with the same requirements profile within a period that may be deemed reasonable as regards the performance of the service.

EC10 Acceptance of the draft Contract and the General Terms and Conditions of the Swiss Confederation
The tenderer is willing to accept the draft Contract set forth in Appendix 7 of the specifications document, including the General Terms and Conditions of the Swiss Confederation for Service Mandates (GTC) (Appendix 8), without reservation.

EC11 Authorisations
The tenderer confirms that in connection with the performance of the entire mandate it will comply with and independently obtain all legally required authorisations (including work permits, ethics applications etc.).

EC12 Compensation for subjects (Expense allowance)
The tenderer confirms that it will pay the subjects a compensation (expense allowance).

EC13 Laboratory accreditation
The tenderer confirms that it and any subcontractors are accredited to ISO standard 17025 or the equivalent, including validation of analytical methods.

EC14 Ownership
The tenderer confirms that all the data related to the study (including scheduling tool data etc.) will belong to the contracting authority and that the latter has the right to access the data at all times.
3.10 Bedingungen für den Erhalt der Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Kosten: keine
3.11 Sprachen für Angebote
3.12 Gültigkeit des Angebotes
180 Tage ab Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote
3.13 Bezugsquelle für Ausschreibungsunterlagen
unter www.simap.ch
Ausschreibungsunterlagen sind verfügbar ab: 15.07.2020
Sprache der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: Deutsch, Englisch
Weitere Informationen zum Bezug der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: The documentation on the public call to tender for the project mentioned can be downloaded from the platform www.simap.ch under: Running procedures, Confederation, Invitations to tender. In order to do so, you first have to register in the abovementioned project. You will then be able to log in and use the password received by e-mail to download the desired documentation. There is also a question forum available.

The specifications document and the requirements catalogue are available in German and English. Technical appendices are in English.

4. Andere Informationen
4.1 Voraussetzungen für nicht dem WTO-Abkommen angehörende Länder
4.2 Geschäftsbedingungen
Processing in accordance with the Swiss Confederation's General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for Contracts for services (September 2016 edition, last revised September 2016). Available from www.bbl.admin.ch - Rubrik Dokumentation - AGB
4.3 Verhandlungen
Negotiations are reserved. The requesting office will only negotiate prices if warranted by special circumstances, such as the need for further clarification or specification of the requirements, or if it considers the price to be unusual.
4.4 Verfahrensgrundsätze
The contracting authority awards public contracts for goods and services provided in Switzerland only to tenderers guaranteeing compliance with workplace health and safety regulations and employee working conditions, as well as equal pay for men and women.
If the place of performance is abroad, the tenderer must guarantee compliance with at least the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation in accordance with Annex 2a of the PPO.
The self-declaration of the Federal Procurement Conference (FPC), "Tenderer's self-declaration concerning compliance with minimum social requirements" is to be signed and enclosed with the tender.
4.5 Sonstige Angaben
The above is subject to the project being ready for procurement and the availability of the credits.

The contracting authority reserves the right to have the awarded goods/services provided also to other offices requiring them in the Federal Administration, as well as to procure the goods/services defined as optional in their entirety, in part or not at all.
4.6 Offizielles Publikationsorgan
4.7 Rechtsmittelbelehrung
Pursuant to Art. 30 of the Federal Act on Public Procurement, an appeal against this publication may be filed within 20 days since notification in writing in an official language of Switzerland to the Federal Administrative Court, Postfach, 9023 St.Gallen. The appeal petition must be submitted in duplicate and must contain the application, the grounds of appeal with details of the evidence and the signature of the appellant or his agent; a copy of the present publication and documents cited as evidence must be attached, provided they are in the appellant's possession.

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