AFBC3 Dipole Magnets

3772204 SIMAP - 02.08.2013
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Zuschlag - Quelle: SIMAP)

1. Contracting authority
1.1 Official name and address of the contracting authority
Authority of need/Authority of assignment: Paul Scherrer Institut
Authority of procurement/Organizer: Paul Scherrer Institut, attn Peter Fischer, Einkauf/Purchasing, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland, Telephone: +41 56 310 26 60, Fax: +41 56 310 29 14, E-mail:, URL

1.2 Type of contracting authority
Confederation (Decentralized federal administration -public-legal organizations of the federation)

1.3 Type of procedure
Open procedure

1.4 Type of commission
Supply order

1.5 According to GATT/WTO agreement, respectively treaty

2. Objects of procurement
2.1 Project title of the acquisition
AFBC3 Dipole Magnets

2.2 Common Procurement Vocabulary
CPV: 31630000 - Magnets

3. Decision of acceptance

3.2 Tenderer considered
List of tenderers
Name: Scanditronix Magnet AB, Olvägen 28, 34250 VISLANDA, Sweden
Price: Without indication, according to sec 23, subs. 3, par. b BöB

4. Other information
4.1 Invitation to tender
Publications from: 10.05.2013
Organ of publication: Simap
Number of publication 775287

4.2 Date of the award
Date: 01.08.2013

4.3 Number of offers received
Number of offers: 6

4.5 Statement of rights of redress
In accordance with Art. 30 of the Law on Public Procurement an appeal can be lodged in writing within 20 days of publication of the above instruction with the Federal Administrative Court, Postfach, 9023 St.Gallen. The complaint is to be submitted in duplicate and must contain the request, the reasons supporting it including indication of the evidence and the signature of the complainant or his/her representative. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the present publication and by available evidence.

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