Local Governance Programme (LGP) Goal:
The LGP supports Kosovo in its transition process towards a democratic, decentralised state in which municipalities exercise socially inclusive governance & provide effective services.

3784521 SIMAP - 15.08.2013
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Ausschreibung - Quelle: SIMAP)
- Verfahrensart:  Offenes Verfahren
- Auftragsart:  Dienstleistungsauftrag
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1. Auftraggeber
1.1 Offizieller Name und Adresse des Auftraggebers
Swiss Agency for Development ans Cooperation (SDC)
Swiss Cooperation Office Kosovo
Mrs. Saranda Cana
Rexhep Mala Street 6
10060 Pristina
Fax: + 381 38 248 096
E-Mail: saranda.cana@eda.admin.ch
URL: www.eda.admin.ch
1.2 Angebote sind an folgende Adresse zu schicken
Swiss Cooperation Office Kosovo
Mrs. Saranda Cana
Rexhep Mala Street 6
10060 Pristina
Fax: + 381 38 248 096
E-Mail: saranda.cana@eda.admin.ch
1.3 Gewünschter Termin für schriftliche Fragen
Bemerkungen: No information is given by telephone. Any question can be made by 29 August 2013 anonymously in the forum space at www.simap.ch. Questions submitted late cannot be answered. Answers will be published on www.simap.ch by 9 September 2013. Bidders are themselves responsible for downloading the answers from SIMAP and for taking them into consideration in the preparation of the offers.
1.4 Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
Datum: 24.09.2013
Formvorschriften: Offers must contain all documentation in accordance with Chapter 5 "Contents of the Offer" and are to be submitted as follows in an envelope which shall contain:
a) One original signed hard copy of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled "Original"
b) Five signed copies of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled, "Signed Copy"
c) Five data storage devices (e.g. CD, DVD or Memory Stick) of all Technical and Financial Proposal documents.
1.5 Art des Auftraggebers
Bund (Zentrale Bundesverwaltung)
1.6 Verfahrensart
Offenes Verfahren
1.7 Auftragsart
1.8 Gemäss GATT/WTO-Abkommen, resp. Staatsvertrag

2. Beschaffungsobjekt
2.1 Art des Dienstleistungsauftrages
Andere Dienstleistungen
Dienstleistungskategorie CPC: [27] Sonstige Dienstleistungen
2.2 Projekttitel (Kurzbeschrieb) der Beschaffung
Local Governance Programme (LGP) Goal:
The LGP supports Kosovo in its transition process towards a democratic, decentralised state in which municipalities exercise socially inclusive governance & provide effective services.
2.3 Aktenzeichen / Projektnummer
2.4 Gemeinschaftsvokabular
CPV: 98300000 - Diverse Dienstleistungen
2.5 Detaillierter Aufgabenbeschrieb
Part 1 (Inception Phase): Preparation of the Programme and elaboration of a Programme Document:

- Initiate a participatory project development process in order to develop ownership among key stakeholders and elaborate the details of the Programme, in close collaboration with SDC.
- Elaboration of a detailed hierarchy of objectives, theory of change, action lines and related strategies for the Programme.
- Reflect on how to take the gender gap in municipal management into account.
- Selection of geographical working area including conclusion of preliminary agreements with selected municipalities.
- Definition of support packages for municipalities and basic good governance and public finance management criteria as a condition for municipal budget support (related to component 1).
- Launch process with municipalities and AKM on initially identifying issues, which may need to be addressed in the legal framework governing central state - sub-national state relations supported by targeted expertise. Engagement with central state ministries to explore their responsiveness to the respective thematic support offer (related to component 3).
- Elaboration of detailed strategy, activities and possibly concrete Terms of Reference related to exploring the feasibility of developing a municipal training system.
- Define and operationalise the Programme set-up, organisation and management, in close collaboration with SDC.
- Develop a monitoring system, including the establishment of a baseline in regard to outcome and impact indicators agreed upon with SDC. The basis for conducting a cost benefit analysis should also be established.
- Identify important synergies between the Programme and other relevant SDC interventions in Kosovo and devise plans to maximise results.
- Close and continuous cooperation and discussion with SDC Head Office, SCO Kosovo and the relevant local stakeholders.
- On the basis of the above, elaboration of a Programme Document. This document has to be presented to SDC at the end of the third month of the inception phase. SDC reserves the right to ask for amendments to the presented Programme Document.

Part 2 (Implementation Phase): Implementation of the Programme:

- Overall management and coordination of the Programme implementation according to the Programme Document and approved SDC Credit Proposal. The Programme management should strive to fulfil a facilitating role, in order to avoid creating parallel implementing structures, which are less sustainable;
- Management of Programme staff and consultants.
- Conceptualisation, organisation and quality assurance of capacity development for municipalities.
- Management of grants related to the provision of municipal budget support.
- Provision of technical assistance to municipalities and ministries.
- Overall Programme fund management.
- Operational and financial planning.
- Monitoring of the planned activities, outputs, outcomes and impact.
- Operational and financial reporting.
- Exchange and coordination with SDC and its relevant partners in Kosovo and beyond.

Profile of the Bidding Organisation

SDC will assign the mandate for the implementation and coordination of the Programme to an international or Kosovar organisation (or consortium) with consolidated working experience in the field of decentralisation and municipal governance ideally in the region of the Western Balkans. The organisation shall have proven management capacity related to complex, large, multi-tier and multi-actor programmes and prior experience in directly working with central state and sub-national public actors, as well as with large-scale and sustainable capacity building programmes.
2.6 Ort der Dienstleistungserbringung
2.7 Aufteilung in Lose?
2.8 Werden Varianten zugelassen?
Bemerkungen: Variants are to be indicated expressly as such and to be submitted separately in addition to the basic bid. Bidders must give reasons in writing for the advantages and equivalence of the variants in relation to the achievement of objectives. Otherwise they will not be taken into consideration.
2.9 Werden Teilangebote zugelassen?
2.10 Ausführungstermin
Beginn 01.01.2014 und Ende 31.12.2017
Bemerkungen: The mandate to award is legally based on the Federal Act of 24 March 2006 on the cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe. The validity of this Act expires on May 31, 2017. If this legal basis is not prolonged or replaced beyond May 31, 2017, this mandate terminates on this date without prior notice. Expenses incurred up to this date will be reimbursed. SDC cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the termination of the mandate.

3. Bedingungen
3.2 Kautionen / Sicherheiten
3.5 Bietergemeinschaft
Consortia of bidders are permitted. If a bidder participates in the procedure as part of a consortium, he must identify a member of the consortium who performs the lead function (deputisation, coordination). The bidder lists all members and their roles. All members of the consortium together bear responsibility for the offer.
3.6 Subunternehmer
Subcontractors are permitted. If the bidder engages a subcontractor to provide certain services, the bidder bears full responsibility for the provided services. He lists all subcontractors involved with their assigned roles.
3.7 Eignungskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.8 Geforderte Nachweise
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen geforderten Nachweise
3.9 Zuschlagskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.10 Bedingungen für den Erhalt der Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Kosten: keine
3.11 Sprachen für Angebote
3.12 Gültigkeit des Angebotes
180 Tage ab Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote
3.13 Bezugsquelle für Ausschreibungsunterlagen
unter www.simap.ch
Ausschreibungsunterlagen sind verfügbar ab: 15.08.2013 bis 24.09.2013
Sprache der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: Englisch
Weitere Informationen zum Bezug der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: The documentation on the public call to tender for the project mentioned can be downloaded from the platform www.simap.ch under: Running procedures, Confederation, Invitations to tender. In order to do so, you first have to register in the mentioned project. You will then be able to log in and use the password that you will have been sent by e-mail to download the documentation desired.

4. Andere Informationen
4.1 Voraussetzungen für nicht dem WTO-Abkommen angehörende Länder
4.2 Geschäftsbedingungen
General Conditions of Business (GCB) for Project Implementation Mandates
4.3 Verhandlungen
remain reserved
4.4 Verfahrensgrundsätze
The contracting authority awards public contracts for services provided in Switzerland only to bidders who ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations and employment conditions for employees, as well as equal pay for women and men.
If the service is provided abroad, the bidder must ensure at least compliance with the International Labour Organization's fundamental conventions in accordance with Annex 2a PPO.
These principles shall be deemed accepted by the Contractor on submission of the offer.
4.5 Sonstige Angaben
No, the tender proceeds in accordance with Section 3 of the Federal Ordinance on Public Procurement (FOPP). There is no right of appeal.
4.6 Offizielles Publikationsorgan

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