Mandate Agreement for Project Implementation: Rural Development Project in the Region of Kvemo Kartli, Georgia - LGA

2520323 SIMAP - 22.07.2010
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Ausschreibung - Quelle: SIMAP)
- Verfahrensart:  Selektives Verfahren
- Auftragsart:  Dienstleistungsauftrag
- Dem WTO-Abkommen unterstellt:  Ja

1. Auftraggeber
1.1 Offizieller Name und Adresse des Auftraggebers
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
CIS Division
Anne Lugon-Moulin
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
Fax: +41 31 324 16 96
1.2 Angebote sind an folgende Adresse zu schicken
Please do not open
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
CIS Division
Anne Lugon-Moulin
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
Fax: +41 31 324 16 96
1.3 Gewünschter Termin für schriftliche Fragen
Bemerkungen: No telephone information are given. Questions are to be addressed in written form (letter, fax or mail) to the contracting authority. The answers to the requesters will be given in time.
1.4 Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
Datum: 16.08.2010
Uhrzeit: 09:00
Formvorschriften: Submission of offers: 1 Original and 2 copies, plus EDP medium (e.g. CD, DVD, or Memory Stick).
In order to meet the deadline, the contracting authority has to be in possession of the offer (prequalification documents) on the set date; the mere posting of the offer by this deadline (postmark) is not enough to fulfil the requirement. Offers which are submitted too late will not be taken into consideration. The opening procedure of the offers will not be public.
1.5 Art des Auftraggebers
Bund (Zentrale Bundesverwaltung)
1.6 Verfahrensart
Selektives Verfahren
1.7 Auftragsart
1.8 Gemäss WTO/GATT-Abkommen, resp. Staatsvertrag

2. Beschaffungsobjekt
2.1 Art des Dienstleisungsauftrages
Andere Dienstleistungen
Dienstleistungskategorie CPC: [27] Sonstige Dienstleistungen
2.2 Projekttitel (Kurzbeschrieb) der Beschaffung
Mandate Agreement for Project Implementation:
Rural Development Project in the Region of Kvemo Kartli, Georgia - LGA
2.3 Aktenzeichen / Projektnummer
2.4 Gemeinschaftsvokabular
CPV: 98300000
2.5 Detaillierter Aufgabenbeschrieb
a) The present invitation to pre-qualification (expression of interest) shall enable SDC to assess the suitability of the candidates to submit an offer for designing and implementing a new project in the region of Kvemo Kartli, Georgia (see below). The thematic expertise and practical experience of the applicant in implementing rural economic development projects applying a market development approach (in the sense of "Making Markets Work for the Poor' or M4P) will be an important assessment criteria.

b) The project shall focus on employment and income generation of the rural poor through the development of livestock sector, dairy products and related fodder crops production, as well as processing and marketing. Pursuing the general direction of interventions under SDC's Economic Development and Employment portfolio in the South Caucasus, the project shall apply the M4P approach with a view to foster pro-poor growth. Within the subsectors of livestock, dairy products and related fodder crops, the project shall intervene in a targeted manner to address the underlying causes of weak performance of the market systems in those value chains in order to improve them, hence eventually generating increased income for the targeted farmers.

The main scope of the project will be to facilitate and catalyze incentives, capacity development and improved interaction between private sector, government players and associations. At the same time, some capital investment in physical infrastructure or equipment is likely to be required to achieve project objectives.

The project shall apply the following approaches:

- Enhancing capacity of local partners in market development using the "Making Markets Work for the Poor" approach (M4P);

- Interacting with local and national authorities to address governance issues and the regulatory framework regarding rural development in the (target) regions;

- Enhancing sustainability of project achievements through prevention of and awareness about relevant natural disasters (disaster risk reduction);

- Integrating the aspects of good governance, gender equality and disaster risk reduction (DRR) into project activities in order to enhance their effectiveness.

c) The project is conceived with a time horizon of approx. six years with two phases, i.e. a first phase of three years followed by a second phase (incl. phasing out with decreasing budget) of 2-3 years. Project implementation shall begin in December 2010 with a eight-month inception period to conduct necessary research (market analysis, gender assessment, and establishment of baseline) and to elaborate the project document with logframe and detailed budget.
2.6 Ort der Dienstleistungserbringung
Georgia, Kvemo Kartli
2.7 Aufteilung der Lose?
2.8 Werden Varianten zugelassen?
2.9 Werden Teilangebote zugelassen?
2.10 Ausführungstermin
Beginn 01.12.2010 und Ende 30.11.2013

3. Bedingungen
3.2 Kautionen / Sicherheiten
3.5 Bietergemeinschaften
Special defaut: Permitted on condition that one enterprise will be the overall responsible contracting partner and take the lead in the consortium. The leading partner should be clearly defined in the participation documents.
3.7 Eignungskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.8 Geforderte Nachweise
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen geforderten Nachweise
3.9 Zuschlagskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.10 Bedingungen für den Erhalt der Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Kosten: Keine
3.12 Vorgesehener Termin für die Bestimmung der ausgewählten Teilnehmer
3.13 Vorgesehene Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
3.14 Sprachen für Angebote
3.15 Gültigkeit des Angebotes
120 Tage ab Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote
3.16 Bezugsquelle für Ausschreibungsunterlagen
oder zu beziehen von folgender Adresse:
Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC)
CIS Division
Anne Lugon-Moulin
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
Fax: +41 31 324 16 96
Ausschreibungsunterlagen sind verfügbar ab: 21.07.2010 bis 16.08.2010
Sprache der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: Englisch

4. Andere Informationen
4.1 Voraussetzungen für nicht dem WTO-Abkommen angehörende Länder
4.3 Verhandlungen
remain reserved
4.4 Verfahrensgrundsätze
The client only awards public commissions for services in Switzerland to tenderers who comply with job security regulations and the conditions of work for employees, and provide equal payment for men and women.
4.5 Sonstige Angaben
The option of directly awarding any future mandates is reserved.
4.7 Rechtsmittelbelehrung
In accordance with Art. 30 of the Law on Public Procurement an appeal can be lodged in writing within 20 days of publication of the above instruction with the Federal Administrative Court, Postfach 3000 Berne 14. The complaint is to be submitted in duplicate and must contain the request, the reasons supporting it including indication of the evidence and the signature of the complainant or his/her representative. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the present publication and by available evidence.

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