PE: Proyecto de Agua, Saneamiento, y Manejo del Recurso Hídrico para Piura

4045120 SIMAP - 28.03.2014
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Zuschlag - Quelle: SIMAP)

1. Contracting authority
1.1 Official name and address of the contracting authority
Authority of need/Authority of assignment: EPS Grau SA
Authority of procurement/Organizer: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs - SECO
Infrastructure Financing WEIN, attn Cliff Hammer, Holzikofenweg 36, 3003 Bern, Switzerland, E-mail:, URL

1.2 Type of contracting authority

1.3 Type of procedure
Open procedure

1.4 Type of commission
Order for services

1.5 According to GATT/WTO agreement, respectively treaty

2. Objects of procurement
2.1 Project title of the acquisition
PE: Proyecto de Agua, Saneamiento, y Manejo del Recurso Hídrico para Piura

2.2 Service category
Service category CPC: [12] Architecture; technical consultancy and planning and integrated technical services; urban and rural planning; relevant scientific and technical consultancy

2.3 Common Procurement Vocabulary
CPV: 71300000 - Engineering services,
71800000 - Consulting services for water-supply and waste consultancy

3. Decision of acceptance
3.1 Award criteria
Qualification and experience of the nominated Team Weighting 30
Adequacy of the proposed approach and methodology Weighting 30
Offered Price Weighting 25
References of the company (leading company and all partners in the case of consortia) Weighting 15

3.2 Tenderer considered
List of tenderers
Name: HOLINGER AG, Kasthoferstrasse 23, 3006 Bern, Switzerland
Price: CHF 1'266'920.00

3.3 Reasons for the decision to award
Reasons: Best price/performance ratio

4. Other information
4.1 Invitation to tender
Publications from: 10.12.2013
Organ of publication:
Number of publication 801337

4.2 Date of the award
Date: 21.03.2014

4.3 Number of offers received
Number of offers: 2

4.5 Statement of rights of redress
Exclusion of rights of redress

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