Repacking, transportation, final disposal and cleaning of the warehouses storing POPs pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other crop protection products (CPP) with 6 (six) Lots

5690974 SIMAP - 13.12.2017
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1. Auftraggeber
1.1 Offizieller Name und Adresse des Auftraggebers
Enterprise for Management of Environment Protection Activities (EMEPA)
Enterprise for Management of Environment Protection Activities (EMEPA)
4 Triaditsa str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
1000 Sofia
Telefon: +359 229406251
1.2 Angebote sind an folgende Adresse zu schicken
Enterprise for Management of Environment Protection Activities (EMEPA)
4 Triaditsa str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
1000 Sofia
Telefon: +359 229406251
1.3 Gewünschter Termin für schriftliche Fragen
Bemerkungen: Within 10 (ten) calendar days prior to the expiration of the time limit for receipt of tenders, any interested person may request in writing, on the basis of some of the eligible means of communication described below, by the Contracting Authority, clarifications on the terms of the contract.
The clarifications are given by the Contracting Authority in writing within 4 (four) calendar days from the receipt of the request and are only published in the buyer profile in the electronic file of the public procurement. The explanations given will not indicate the person who requested them.
The Contracting Authority will not provide clarification on requests received after the due date.
1.4 Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
Datum: 16.02.2018
Uhrzeit: 17:30
Formvorschriften: The tender documentation has to be submitted (physically) before the deadline.
1.5 Art des Auftraggebers
1.6 Verfahrensart
Offenes Verfahren
1.7 Auftragsart
Nicht vorhanden
1.8 Gemäss GATT/WTO-Abkommen, resp. Staatsvertrag

2. Beschaffungsobjekt
2.1 Art des Dienstleistungsauftrages
Dienstleistungskategorie CPC: [27] Sonstige Dienstleistungen
2.2 Projekttitel (Kurzbeschrieb) der Beschaffung
Repacking, transportation, final disposal and cleaning of the warehouses storing POPs pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other crop protection products (CPP) with 6 (six) Lots
2.4 Gemeinschaftsvokabular
CPV: 90522000 - Dienstleistungen für verseuchten Boden
CPV: 90523000 - Entsorgung von Giftmüll, außer Atommüll und verseuchten Böden
CPV: 90743000 - Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit der Verschmutzung durch giftige Stoffe
CPV: 90722200 - Dekontaminierung
2.5 Detaillierter Aufgabenbeschrieb
Each of the Lots separately includes the following activities:
Activity No. 1: Preparation for implementing the activities;
Activity No. 2: Sampling, analysis, and repacking of POP pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other Crop Protection Products (CPP);
Activity No. 3: Cleaning of warehouses storing POP pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other CPP and excavation of a visibly contaminated upper layer soil in front of the warehouses;
Activity No. 4: Transportation of obsolete POP pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other CPP;
Activity No. 5: Final disposal of obsolete POP pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other CPP.
2.6 Ort der Dienstleistungserbringung
2.7 Aufteilung in Lose?
Ja (ohne Spezifizierung)
Angebote sind möglich für: MAX
2.8 Werden Varianten zugelassen?
2.9 Werden Teilangebote zugelassen?

3. Bedingungen
3.2 Kautionen / Sicherheiten
The Contracting Authority requires from tenderers designated as Contractors in separate Lots to submit before the Contract conclusion a performance guarantee of 5 (five) % of the value of the respective Contract, without VAT.

The Contracting Authority also requires a guarantee for advance funds, in case that during the performance of the contract the bellow described circumstances occur:
-as of 06.12.2019 the contractor has not processed all the quantities covered by Activity ? 2-5;
-the term for performance of the contract has not expired.
In this case the Contracting Authority might pay in advance to the Contractor, but not from funds from the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme (BSCP), the remaining amount under the contract on the basis of a report on the residual amount of pesticides and other CPPs, and subject to the national authorities' approval of funding from national sources for the purpose.
In this case, before the advance payment is made, the Contractor must provide a guarantee for advance funds. The amount of this guarantee will be equal to the residual amount due under the contract, with VAT.
3.3 Zahlungsbedingungen
The CONTRACTING AUTHORITY shall pay the CONTRACTOR only for entirely completed Activities 2-5 based on the actual quantities measured and claimed by the CONTRACTOR. Activities are considered as completed as follows:
1.Activity 1 is completed when the final Work Plan for the public procurement contract performance, the Health, Safety and Environment Plan and the final Schedule of warehouse opening has been accepted and approved by EMEPA.
2.Activity 2 is completed when the respective parties sign the Warehouse Protocol 1, officially attesting the hand-over of the warehouses to the contractor upon completion of Activity 1 and Waste Protocol I, officially attesting the amounts of different types of repacked POP pesticides, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and other CPPs in the warehouses, before performing Activity 3.
3.Activity 3 is completed when the respective parties sign Waste Protocol I, attesting all amounts of repacked wastes within Activity 2 as well as wastes generated in the process of cleaning and excavation of visibly contaminated soil within Activity 3, as well as signed Warehouse Protocol 2 documenting the return of the responsibility/right of using the warehouse back to its owner. The results of Activity 3 are the cleaned warehouses and the packed waste ready for loading on road vehicles for transportation towards the facility for final treatment/ disposal/destruction.
4.Activity 4 is completed when Waste Protocol II, attesting the uploaded waste on the road transport vehicles and the transfer of ownership right of the waste to the Contractor in respect of the transportation and in relation to the delivery of the waste to the facility for treatment/disposal/destruction. This includes the amounts of POP-pesticides, hazardous waste, non hazardous waste and other CPP (Activity 2) and the waste generated by cleaning the warehouses incl. excavation of contaminated soil (Activity 3).
5.Activity 5 is completed when the waste is handed-over for final destruction. Since the Contractor has the ownership right of the waste it is the Contractor's legal obligation to hand-over the waste for final disposal. Upon taking-over the waste by the facility for treatment/disposal/destruction, the Contractor's responsibility/ownership right of the waste is extinct.
(2) Payments shall be made according to the unit price for a specific type of waste, as stated by the selected Contractor in his Financial Offer (Annex No. 3 to the current contract, under Template 5 from the Tender documentation).
* The full information regarding the conditions of payment are stipulated in the tender documentation and in the Draft of the contract.
3.4 Einzubeziehende Kosten
Currency of payment: BGN
See details in tender documents.
3.5 Bietergemeinschaft
Any Bulgarian or foreign individual or legal entity or their Consortiums can take part in the tender as well as any other entity having the right to execute services according to the public procurement object, in compliance with the legislation of its country of establishment.
Separate individuals and/or legal entities could participate in the procedure as individual tenderers and under the form of unregistered Consortiums.
An individual and/or a legal entity can participate only in one consortium.
A tenderer under the form of Consortium must present an agreement or other equivalent document (original or certified copy), which shows the legal basis for the establishment of the Consortium, as well as complying with the following requirements:
-To determine one of the partners to represent the Consortium for the purposes of public procurement.
-To determine joint liability among the partners in the Consortium for the implementation of the public procurement.
-To describe the rights and responsibilities of the partners (members) in the Consortium.
-To distribute the responsibilities for the implementation of the contract among the partners in the Consortium.
-To describe the activities, which will be implemented by each member of the Consortium
A tenderer under the form of consortium cannot be eliminated from the procedure for award of public procurement on the basis of its status or its legal form, when the same tenderer or his partners in the consortium have the right to implement the respective activity.
At the request of the Contracting Authority, tenderers are required to provide information on the legal form of organization under which they operate.
The Contracting Authority does not require for the tenderers that are consortia to create a legal entity in case the consortium is selected for a Contractor for some of the Lots.
In case the Contractor of the respective Lot is an unregistered consortium of individuals and/or legal entities, the Public Procurement Contract is concluded after the Contracting Authority receives the tax registration certificate or certified copy and BULSTAT registration (Bulgarian information system which holds and provides supporting data about all Bulgarian companies) or equivalent documents according to the legislation of the country of establishment of the consortium.
In case the consortium is selected for Contractor it must states a bank account for payments under the contract before the conclusion of the Contract.
3.6 Subunternehmer
Each tenderer has the right to declare that one or more sub-contractors will be involved in the performance of the public procurement. In their offer the tenderers are not restricted on the number of sub-contractors they may use.
Notwithstanding the possibility of using sub-contractors, the responsibility for the performance of the public procurement contract lies with the Contractor who was a tenderer in the procedure.
The tenderer declares in the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) whether he will use Sub-contractors, indicating their names and the share of the procurement they will implement. In this case, the tenderers must also provide evidence that the obligations were assumed/accepted by the Sub-contractors.
Sub-contractors must meet the relevant selection criteria, depending on the type of works and the share of the order they will perform, and the grounds for removal must not be available for them. Circumstances are declared in ESPD, which is submitted for each Sub-contractor.
When the designated Contractor has declared the use of Sub-contractors, he is obliged to conclude a subcontract and submit it to the Contracting Authority.
The possibility of direct payments by the Contracting Authority to Sub-contractors is regulated in the draft public procurement contract.
3.7 Eignungskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.8 Geforderte Nachweise
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen geforderten Nachweise
3.10 Bedingungen für den Erhalt der Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Kosten: keine
Zahlungsbedingungen: The tender documentation can be obtained for free on the Contracting Authority's web site: -> Buyer Profile (in Bulgarian version of website only).
3.12 Gültigkeit des Angebotes
6 Monate ab Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote
3.13 Bezugsquelle für Ausschreibungsunterlagen
zu beziehen von folgender Adresse:
Executing Agency
Enterprise for Management of Environment Protection Activities (EMEPA)
4 Triaditsa str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
1000 Sofia
Telefon: 02 9406251
Sprache der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: Englisch
Weitere Informationen zum Bezug der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: The Contracting Authority provides full (free) access by electronic means to the tender procedure documentation, which can be found at the website of the Contracting Authority:, section Buyer's Profile.

4. Andere Informationen
4.3 Verhandlungen
4.4 Verfahrensgrundsätze
The tenderers have to comply with the following principles:
- independence
- confidentiality
- integrity
4.6 Offizielles Publikationsorgan
- Public Procurement Agency:
- EMEPA's website: -> Buyer Profile (in Bulgarian version of website only)

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