Shooting Medal Swiss Competitive Shooting Event

3561307 SIMAP - 30.01.2013
Grund: Öffentliches Beschaffungswesen (Ausschreibung - Quelle: SIMAP)
- Verfahrensart:  Offenes Verfahren
- Auftragsart:  Lieferauftrag
- Dem WTO-Abkommen unterstellt:  Ja

1. Auftraggeber
1.1 Offizieller Name und Adresse des Auftraggebers
Schweizerischer Schiesssportverband SSV
Purchasing and cooperations
Shooting Medal Swiss Competitive Shooting Event
Wankdorfstrasse 2
3003 Bern
Telefon: +41 31 323 23 23
Fax: +41 31 324 61 37
1.2 Angebote sind an folgende Adresse zu schicken
Purchasing and cooperations
Shooting Medal Swiss Competitive Shooting Event
Wankdorfstrasse 2
3003 Bern
Telefon: +41 31 323 23 23
Fax: +41 31 324 61 37
1.3 Gewünschter Termin für schriftliche Fragen
Bemerkungen: Should questions come up during the preparation of the tenders, it is possible to post them anonymously in the question forum at The answers are given in the same forum, and they are visible to all tenders.
1.4 Frist für die Einreichung des Angebotes
Datum: 27.03.2013
Formvorschriften: Place of submission: cf. para. 1.2

a) Submission to CC WTO armasuisse:
Submission is required by 16:00 h at the latest on the day of the aforementioned submission deadline. An acknowledgement of receipt from armasuisse must be requested. Delivery by private courier service is considered personal delivery and the tender must be submitted to the CC WTO by 16:00 h at the latest (please request an acknowledgement of receipt without fail).

b) Submission by mail:
The date of submission is confirmed by the postmark or bar code receipt of a Swiss post office, or for tenderers abroad the acknowledgement of receipt of a Swiss diplomatic or consular representation, (company postage will not be regarded as a postmark).

c) When delivering a tender to a Swiss diplomatic or consular representation abroad, the tenderer is required to fax the acknowledgement of receipt issued by the relevant representation to the contracting authority by no later than the closing date for the tender offer.
1.5 Art des Auftraggebers
Bund (Zentrale Bundesverwaltung)
1.6 Verfahrensart
Offenes Verfahren
1.7 Auftragsart
1.8 Gemäss GATT/WTO-Abkommen, resp. Staatsvertrag

2. Beschaffungsobjekt
2.1 Art des Lieferauftrages
2.2 Projekttitel (Kurzbeschrieb) der Beschaffung
Shooting Medal Swiss Competitive Shooting Event
2.3 Aktenzeichen / Projektnummer
Shooting Medal Swiss Competitive Shooting Event
2.4 Gemeinschaftsvokabular
CPV: 39561132 - Abzeichen aus Spinnstoffen
CPV: 18513300 - Waren aus Edelmetall
2.5 Detaillierter Produktebeschrieb
On behalf of the Swiss Markmanship Association armasuisse procures shooting medals for the Swiss Competitive Shooting Event. The Swiss Marksmanship Association (SSV) is the umbrella organisation of Swiss riflemen and -women. With 200'000 members and around 3'500 shooting clubs, the SSV ranks fourth among the biggest sport associations in Switzerland. With the present invitation to tender the SSV wants to conclude general conditions for the production and supply of shooting medals.
2.6 Ort der Lieferung
2.7 Aufteilung in Lose?
2.8 Werden Varianten zugelassen?
2.9 Werden Teilangebote zugelassen?
2.10 Liefertermin
Beginn 01.01.2014 und Ende 31.12.2016
Bemerkungen: General conditions for 3 years

3. Bedingungen
3.2 Kautionen / Sicherheiten
3.3 Zahlungsbedingungen
30 days bet after acceptance in CHF
3.5 Bietergemeinschaft
are permitted
3.7 Eignungskriterien
aufgrund der nachstehenden Kriterien:
All companies with sufficient economic capacity, which meet the following criteria and proof of suitability acc. to para 3.8, are invited to submit a tender in CHF.
3.8 Geforderte Nachweise
aufgrund der nachstehenden Nachweise:
The proof of suitability listed below must be confirmed or enclosed and met without any limitation or modification together with the submission of the tender, otherwise the tender is not considered.
E1: Enforced payment collection and commercial register records or equivalent foreign document (not older than 3
months, the day of submission is decisive).
E2: Company portrait with organisation chart, legal form, size, number of employed personnel, market position. This
documentation must also be established for the subcontractors. The production chain for all materials used must be reproducible.
Compliance with the 8 core conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is mandatory.
E3: Evidence provided by tenderer that he will assume the overall responsibility for the present project, in particular that
tenderer is the sole contracting partner of the awarding authority. Possible participants have to be listed with the roles
assigned to them.
E4: Within 2 months tenderer must supply, together with the tender, a free sample of 5 shooting medals according to chapter 3.8 in the contract specification for quality tests.
E5: Evidence of a single point of contact for all business processes such as orders, payments, services.
E6: Tenderer or manufacturer operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent.
E7: For the manufacture and supply renderer or manufacturer must name 2 references, referring exclusively to
deliveries from 2007 in comparable annual volumes. Provide information on company, address and point of contact.
E8: Tenderer confirms the compliance with a delivery time of 4 months for the annual quantity 2014 of 75'000 pcs. The order will be placed at the end of October 2013, the goods must reach the specified delivery addresses all across Switzerland no later than the 15th of February 2014.
E9: Tenderer confirms that if required he will supply small quantities of approx. 5'000 pcs at the offered price later on.
E10: Tenderer confirms that the contact person can communicate in one of the languages (German, French or English).
E11: Tenderer is willing/has capacity to meet the specified deadlines. Tenderer must prove that he has the capacity to
fully perform the submitted tender, i.e. tenderer must be able to handle all orders. In case of non-performance the
awarding authority reserves the right to rescind the awarded contract (BöB Art. 11) and a claim for a contractual penalty
will be made.
3.9 Zuschlagskriterien
aufgrund der in den Unterlagen genannten Kriterien
3.10 Bedingungen für den Erhalt der Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Kosten: keine
3.11 Sprachen für Angebote
3.12 Gültigkeit des Angebotes
6 Monate ab Schlusstermin für den Eingang der Angebote
3.13 Bezugsquelle für Ausschreibungsunterlagen
Sprache der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: Deutsch
Weitere Informationen zum Bezug der Ausschreibungsunterlagen: The documents can be downloaded from the electronic platform, category "Public Procurement, Federal Invitation to tender".
To do this, you first have to register in the above-mentioned project and can then download, using login and password, the desired documents sent to you by E-Mail. A question forum is at your disposal.

4. Andere Informationen
4.1 Voraussetzungen für nicht dem WTO-Abkommen angehörende Länder
4.3 Verhandlungen
remain reserved
4.4 Verfahrensgrundsätze
The client only awards public commissions for services in Switzerland to tenderers who comply with job security regulations and the conditions of work for employees, and provide equal payment for men and women.
4.7 Rechtsmittelbelehrung
In accordance with Art. 30 of the Law on Public Procurement an appeal can be lodged in writing within 20 days of publication of the above instruction with the Federal Administrative Court, Postfach, 9023 St.Gallen. The complaint is to be submitted in duplicate and must contain the request, the reasons supporting it including indication of the evidence and the signature of the complainant or his/her representative. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the present publication and by available evidence.

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