Active Citizen Participation in Tunisia (Participation Active des Citoyennes et Citoyens Tunisiens - PACT)
Phase 1 2020-2022

6407455 SIMAP - 14.06.2019
Raison: Marchés publics (Appel d'offres - Source: SIMAP)
- Mode de procédure choisi:  Procédure ouverte
- Genre de marché:  Indisponible
- Soumis à l'accord de l'OMC:  Non

1. Pouvoir adjudicateur
1.1 Nom officiel et adresse du pouvoir adjudicateur
Service d'achat/Entité adjudicatrice
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Service organisateur/Entité organisatrice
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Southern Africa, East and North Africa and Occupied Territories of Palestine Division
Ms Aita Pult
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
1.2 Les offres sont à envoyer à l'adresse suivante
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Southern Africa, East and North Africa and Occupied Territories of Palestine Division
Ms Aita Pult
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
1.3 Délai souhaité pour poser des questions par écrit
Remarques: No information is given by telephone. Any question can be made by 26.06.2019 anonymously in the forum space at Questions submitted late cannot be answered. Answers will be published on by 01.07.2019. Bidders are themselves responsible for downloading the answers from SIMAP and for taking them into consideration in the preparation of the bids.
1.4 Délai de clôture pour le dépôt des offres
Date: 24.07.2019
Exigences formelles: The "Technical Proposal" and "Financial Proposal" shall be submitted in one envelope and shall contain
a. one original signed hard copy of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled "Original"
b. two signed copies of the Technical and Financial Proposal labelled, "Signed Copy"
c. one data storage device (e.g. CD, DVD or Memory Stick) of all Technical Proposal and all Financial Proposal Documents.
Language for offers: English
1.5 Genre de pouvoir adjudicateur
Confédération (Administration fédérale centrale)
1.6 Mode de procédure choisi
Procédure ouverte
1.7 Genre de marché
1.8 Soumis à l'accord GATT/OMC, respectivement aux accords internationaux

2. Objet du marché
2.1 Genre du marché de services
Catégorie de services CPC: [27] Autres services
2.2 Titre du projet du marché
Active Citizen Participation in Tunisia (Participation Active des Citoyennes et Citoyens Tunisiens - PACT)
Phase 1 2020-2022
2.3 Référence / numéro de projet
2.4 Vocabulaire commun des marchés publics
CPV: 98300000 - Services divers
2.5 Description détaillée des tâches
The Swiss Embassy in Tunisia was elaborated PACT program to promote active citizen participation, with a special focus on youth, in the management of public affairs. In order to implement the first phase of this program, the services of an implementation organization are required. This will be in charge of the direct organization of community forums, the definition and the achievement of capacities strengthening activities' of young elected official and finally the coordination of grants designed to finance youth initiatives in the exercise of counter-power and social accountability.
2.6 Lieu de la fourniture du service
Tunisia, in the specific targeted area: zone of ''Hautes Steppes'' including six Tunisian governorates (Le Kef, Siliana, Kairouan, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid and Gafsa).
2.7 Marché divisé en lots?
2.8 Des variantes sont-elles admises?
Remarques: Yes. Variants are to be indicated expressly as such and to be submitted separately in addition to the basic bid. Bidders must give reasons in writing for the advantages and equivalence of the variants in relation to the achievement of objectives. Otherwise they will not be taken into consideration.
2.9 Des offres partielles sont-elles admises?
2.10 Délai d'exécution
Début 01.01.2020 et fin 31.12.2022

3. Conditions
3.1 Conditions générales de participation
3.2 Cautions/garanties
3.3 Conditions de paiement
3.4 Coûts à inclure dans le prix offert
3.5 Communauté de soumissionnaires
Consortia of bidders are permitted. Should SDC conclude the Contract with several Contractors (consortium), all parties must sign, having first designated a person to represent the consortium vis-à-vis SDC. The representative is expressly authorized to act for and on behalf of the consortium members. The consortium members shall be jointly and severally liable. Consortia members are allowed to participate exclusively in one bid. The bidder lists all members and their roles.
3.6 Sous-traitance
Subcontractors are permitted. If the bidder engages a subcontractor to provide certain services, the bidder bears full responsibility for the provided services. He lists all subcontractors involved with their assigned roles according to annex 2 Declaration of bidder. Subcontractors are allowed to participate in different bids.
3.7 Critères d'aptitude
conformément aux critères cités dans les documents
3.8 Justificatifs requis
conformément aux justificatifs requis dans le dossier
3.10 Conditions à l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Prix: aucun
3.11 Langues acceptées pour les offres
3.12 Validité de l'offre
180 jours à partir de la date limite d'envoi
3.13 Obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Dossier disponible à partir du: 14.06.2019 jusqu'au 24.07.2019
Langues du dossier d'appel d'offres: Anglais
Autres informations pour l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres: The documentation on the public call to tender for the project mentioned can be downloaded from the platform under: Running procedures, Confederation, Invitations to tender. In order to do so, you first have to register in the mentioned project. You will then be able to log in and use the password that you will have been sent by e-mail to download the documentation desired.

4. Autres informations
4.1 Conditions pour les pays n'ayant pas adhéré aux accords de l'OMC
4.2 Conditions générales
General Conditions of Business (GCB) for Project Implementation Mandates - Version December 2018.
These General Conditions of Business (GCB) shall be deemed accepted by the Contractor on submission of the offer.
4.3 Négociations
remain reserved
4.4 Conditions régissant la procédure
The contracting authority awards public contracts for services provided in Switzerland only to bidders who ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations and employment conditions for employees, as well as equal pay for women and men.
If the service is provided abroad, the bidder must ensure at least compliance with the International Labour Organization's fundamental conventions in accordance with Annex 2a PPO.
The self declaration form "Compliance with working conditions, workplace health and safety regulations and requirement of equal pay for men and women: Declaration by the supplier" has to be signed and is to be submitted with the offer.
4.5 Autres indications
The option of directly awarding follow-up mandates is reserved.
4.6 Organe de publication officiel
4.7 Indication des voies de recours
The tender proceeds in accordance with Section 3 of the Federal Ordinance on Public Procurement (PPO). There is
no right of appeal.

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