Combat clothing and workwear

6144555 SIMAP - 30.11.2018
Raison: Marchés publics (Appel d'offres - Source: SIMAP)
- Mode de procédure choisi:  Procédure ouverte
- Genre de marché:  Indisponible
- Soumis à l'accord de l'OMC:  Non

1. Pouvoir adjudicateur
1.1 Nom officiel et adresse du pouvoir adjudicateur
Service d'achat/Entité adjudicatrice
Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) / armasuisse
Service organisateur/Entité organisatrice
Purchase and cooperations
Projekt "Kampf- und Arbeitsbekleidung"
Rodtmattstrasse 110
3003 Bern
1.2 Les offres sont à envoyer à l'adresse suivante
Purchase and cooperations
Ro 110: Projekt "Kampf- und Arbeitssbekleidung" NICHT ÖFFNEN
Kasernenstrasse 19
3003 Bern
1.3 Délai souhaité pour poser des questions par écrit
Remarques: If queries arise while preparing the tender, they must be submitted by means of an anonymous forum entry to the question forum at A separate forum entry must be created for each question (one question per entry). The questions will be answered in the question forum. All questions and answers can be viewed by all bidders who have received the tender documentation. It is the responsibility of bidders to keep themselves informed of any entries in the question forum.
1.4 Délai de clôture pour le dépôt des offres
Date: 01.02.2019
Heure: 16:00
Exigences formelles: Place of submission: cf. para. 1.2
The following must be observed with regard to the deadline for submissions:

a) If delivered to armasuisse
If submitted to the reception desk at the armasuisse administrative building, Kasernenstrasse 19, 3003 Bern, F.A.O. CC WTO armasuisse, the following points should be observed:
- Reception desk opening times are: 07:00 - 17:00
(No tender can be submitted outside these hours)
- The tender must be submitted by 16:00 at the latest on the day mentioned above
and confirmed by a receipt issued by armasuisse.

b) If submitted by post:
The definitive date is the postmark or the barcode sticker attached by a shipping provider (company franking marks do not count as official post office franking marks).

c) Delivery to a Swiss diplomatic mission or consular post:
The receipt confirmation issued by that office is definitive. The receipt confirmation must be sent to the e-mail address given under point 1.2 by the tender deadline at the latest.
1.5 Genre de pouvoir adjudicateur
Confédération (Administration fédérale centrale)
1.6 Mode de procédure choisi
Procédure ouverte
1.7 Genre de marché
1.8 Soumis à l'accord GATT/OMC, respectivement aux accords internationaux

2. Objet du marché
2.1 Genre du marché de fournitures
2.2 Titre du projet du marché
Combat clothing and workwear
2.3 Référence / numéro de projet
2.4 Vocabulaire commun des marchés publics
CPV: 18000000 - Vêtements, articles chaussants, bagages et accessoires
2.5 Description détaillée des produits
The Contracting Authority is procuring combat clothing and workwear in several lots for the Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport and other federal offices. To this end, some specialist support is also required to assist in the development of these. A public procurement procedure will be used to determine the supplier base. The first lots will be allocated as soon as the award decision has been made. Future lots will be contracted out as individual orders; these will be awarded on a competitive basis to the suppliers that have framework contracts. These framework contracts are limited to a period of 5 years. The Contracting Authority has the option of extending the framework contracts by two years plus another two years. These framework contracts explicitly do not cover the items that are being developed as part of the project "modular clothing and equipment system" (MBAS). Invitations to tender will be issued separately for these.
2.6 Lieu de la fourniture
2.7 Marché divisé en lots?
2.8 Des variantes sont-elles admises?
2.9 Des offres partielles sont-elles admises?
2.10 Délai de livraison
Remarques: in accordance with tender documents

3. Conditions
3.2 Cautions/garanties
3.3 Conditions de paiement
30 days bet after acceptance in CHF
3.5 Communauté de soumissionnaires
If the bidder participates as a bidding consortium, it must designate the company that will be the lead bidder (incl. for representation, coordination). The bidder must list in the tender all those involved in the bidding consortium together with the role allocated to each. A change to the lead bidder during the tender process must immediately be communicated in writing to the contract awarding authority at the address under point 1.2.
3.6 Sous-traitance
If the bidder engages subcontractors in order to carry out the work, the bidder will assume overall responsibility. It will list in the tender all the subcontractors involved together with the roles allocated to them. Subcontractors may not be changed once the tender deadline has passed and until the contract is signed.
3.7 Critères d'aptitude
conformément aux critères suivants:
All companies that possess the economic capacity and meet the following suitability criteria and can provide supporting evidence in accordance with point 3.8 are called upon to submit a bid in CHF.
3.8 Justificatifs requis
conformément aux justificatifs suivants:
When the tender is submitted, the suitability criteria and required supporting evidence listed below must be confirmed, appended, and substantiated in full without any reservations or modifications; otherwise the bid will not be considered.

E1 Extract from the debt enforcement register and commercial register
Extract from the debt enforcement register and commercial register or the equivalent recognised documentation from the foreign country that proves the bidder has no tax or social security debts (no older than three months; the date of entry is decisive).

E2 Full supplier self-declaration

E3 a)Compliance with basic procedures
The bidder confirms that it - along with any third parties contracted by it (subcontractors and sub-suppliers) - complies with the basic procedures according to the self-declaration form (Annex 1.1.1) published by the Federal Procurement Commission (BKB).

b)Additional proof of compliance with equal pay requirements for women and men
Bidders with more than 50 employees and their firsttier subcontractors with more than 50 employees each must - in addition to the self-declaration form - document how their remu-neration practices have been audited.

E4 Minimum wage compliance
Confirmation by the bidder that it and its primary subcontractors comply with Section 1.5 of the Supplier Declaration (Annex 1.1) with regard to the minimum wages that are applicable in the respective country of production.

E5 Compliance with the production chain
Confirmation by the bidder that the items produced under these framework contracts will be produced exclusively via the stated production chain in accordance with the Supplier Declaration (Annex 1.1).

E6 Occupational safety and health protection
The bidder confirms that the garment manufacturer is certified according to OHSAS 18001, or that it fulfils the points listed in the "Occupational Health and Safety Protection" check list, Annex 1.3.

E7 Audit
The bidder is willing to have itself and its partner companies in the production chain audited by an independent audit institute (to be commissioned by the Contracting Authority) at the request of the Contracting Authority. In particular, the audit shall ensure compliance with the ILO Core Conventions and local occupational health and safety conditions in accordance with the supplier self-declaration. The bidder confirms its acknowledgement that if one or more of the ILO Core Conventions or one or more occupational health and safety conditions are not complied with, its bid shall be excluded from the competition.

E8 Overall responsibility for this project
The bidder confirms that it shall assume overall responsibility for this project and, in particular, that the bidder is the sole contractual partner of the Contracting Authority. Any other parties involved must be listed in Annex 1.1 along with their assigned roles and functions.

E9 Single point of contact (SPOC) during the ten-dering procedure
Proof of SPOC during the tendering procedure.

E10SPOC after contract is awarded
Proof of a single point of contact for all business processes such as orders, payments, and services.

E11Environmental protection
Compliance with national legislation for all areas involving environmental protection (air, water, etc.) in all of the bidder's process steps, as well as by its primary subcontractors pursuant to Section 1.5 of the Supplier Declaration (Annex 1.1).

E12 Availability of technical staff
Confirmation by the bidder that, in the event of an order, the relevant technical staff will come to Bern to discuss technical issues within five working days. This applies to orders that have been placed (order discussion) as well as to the production of prototypes.

The bidder must provide at least three references to show that it has been manufacturing and delivering similar products or the same products as those listed in this invitation to tender since 2015. These must be three different references (not, for example, three from armasuisse), of which at least one reference proves that the bidder has produced items in the quantity of at least 5,000 pieces according to the customer's technical specifications. Information must include company, address, tele-phone number and contact person.

E14Acceptance of the draft contract
Confirmation by the bidder of acceptance of the enclosed draft of the framework contract (Annex 5.0).

E15Acceptance of the terms and conditions
Confirmation by the bidder of the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of the Swiss Fed-eration for Goods (as at September 2016), available at

E16Compliance with technical specifications
Confirmation by the bidder that it has the ability to manufacture the items according to the enclosed technical specifications.

Confirmation by the bidder that it is willing and able to produce 15,000 pieces of the manufactured items and deliver them from the production site to the loading dock, 3671 Brenzikofen, Switzerland within a maximum of 20 weeks from the date of the order. The bidder confirms that it has the capacity to fulfil the complete scope of the submitted bid, i.e. the bidder must be able to handle all orders that are placed. In case of non-compliance, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to withdraw the contract and claim liquidated damages.

E18Small quantities and customised orders
Confirmation by the bidder that it can manufacture small quantities (1 - 20 pieces of manufactured items) with the stated production chain according to the Supplier Declaration (Annex 1.1) throughout the year and deliver them to loading dock in Brenzikofen within a maximum of two weeks from the date of commissioning.

E19Sample with bid
The supplier confirms that it shall deliver a sample, at no charge and together with the offer, according to the specifications for the purpose of testing the quality.

E20Quality assurance
Verifiable proof from the bidder demonstrating how and to what extent a manufacturer's quality check is performed for the items produced.

E21Transfer printing
The bidder confirms that it is able to supply work clothing that has been printed using the transfer printing process.

The bidder confirms that it is able to supply work clothing with multi-coloured embroidery according to armasuisse specifications.
3.10 Conditions à l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Prix: aucun
3.11 Langues acceptées pour les offres
3.12 Validité de l'offre
6 mois à partir de la date limite d'envoi
3.13 Obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Langues du dossier d'appel d'offres: Allemand
Autres informations pour l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres: The documents can be downloaded from the electronic platform, category "Public Procurement, Federal Invitation to tender". To do this, you first have to register in the above-mentioned project and can then download, using login and password, the desired documents sent to you by E-Mail. A question forum is at your disposal.

4. Autres informations
4.1 Conditions pour les pays n'ayant pas adhéré aux accords de l'OMC
4.2 Conditions générales
General Terms and Conditions for the Procurement of Goods (09.2016)
4.3 Négociations
the right to negotiate is reserved
4.4 Conditions régissant la procédure
The client only awards public commissions for services in Switzerland to tenderers who comply with job security regulations and the conditions of work for employees, and provide equal payment for men and women.

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