Competency Aggregate for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation's (SDC) Competence Center for the Engagement with the Private Sector (CEP), 2018-2023

6135117 SIMAP - 23.11.2018
Raison: Marchés publics (Adjudications - Source: SIMAP)
- Mode de procédure choisi:  Procédure ouverte
- Genre de marché:  Service
- Soumis à l'accord de l'OMC:  Non

1. Pouvoir adjudicateur
1.1 Nom officiel et adresse du pouvoir adjudicateur
Service d'achat/Entité adjudicatrice
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
Service organisateur/Entité organisatrice
Competence Center for the Engagement with the Private Sector CEP
Mr. Guido Beltrani
Freiburgstrasse 130
3003 Berne
1.2 Genre de pouvoir adjudicateur
Confédération (Administration fédérale centrale)
1.3 Mode de procédure choisi
Procédure ouverte
1.4 Genre de marché
1.5 Soumis à l'accord GATT/OMC, respectivement aux accords internationaux

2. Objet du marché
2.1 Titre du projet du marché
Competency Aggregate for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation's (SDC) Competence Center for the Engagement with the Private Sector (CEP), 2018-2023
Lot n°: 1
Brève description: Operational and strategic Support for EPS-projects in non-financial / non-market-oriented formats: Operational support for current and future EPS projects and Portfolio Management
2.2 Catégorie de services
Catégorie de services CPC: 27
2.3 Vocabulaire commun des marchés publics
CPV: 75130000 - Services d'appui aux pouvoirs publics

3. Décision d'adjudication
3.1 Critères d'adjudication
AC1: Qualification and experience of the proposed person(s) Pondération 50%
AC2: Understanding and general organisation of the mandate Pondération 30%
AC3: Financial Proposal Pondération 20%
3.2 Désignation de l'adjudicataire retenu
Liste des adjudicataires
Nom: iGravity GmbH, Zweierstrasse 35, 8004 Zürich, Suisse
Prix: CHF 1'080'000.00
Remarque: Service Costs for the years 2018-2023
3.3 Raisons de la décision d'adjudication
Remarque: After assessment of all evaluation criteria mentioned in tender document (qualitative criteria and price) the winning bidder has received the most utility points among all the submitted bids. The offer of the winning bidder conviced above all regarding the understanding of the mandate, the proposed strategic approach and the significant level of relevant experience.

4. Autres informations
4.1 Appel d'offres
Publication du: 28.07.2018
Organe de publication:
4.2 Date de l'adjudication
Date: 22.11.2018
4.3 Nombre d'offres déposées
Nombre d'offres: 2
4.4 Autres indications
The contracting authority reserves the right to award subsequent mandates to the successful bidder of this tender procedure if a change of bidder is not possible for economic or technical reasons, or would cause significant difficulties or incur disproportionate costs for the contracting authority.
4.5 Indication des voies de recours
The tender proceeds in accordance with Section 3 of the Federal Ordinance on Public Procurement (PPO). There is no right of Appeal.

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