Functional underwear

3801454 SIMAP - 30.08.2013
Raison: Marchés publics (Appel d'offres - Source: SIMAP)
- Mode de procédure choisi:  Procédure ouverte
- Genre de marché:  Marché de fournitures
- Soumis à l'accord de l'OMC:  Non

1. Pouvoir adjudicateur
1.1 Nom officiel et adresse du pouvoir adjudicateur
Service d'achat/Entité adjudicatrice
Service organisateur/Entité organisatrice
Einkauf und Kooperationen
Project "Functional underwear"
Rodtmattstrasse 110
3003 Bern
Téléphone: +41 31 323 56 43
Fax: +41 31 324 61 37
1.2 Les offres sont à envoyer à l'adresse suivante
Einkauf und Kooperationen
Project "Functional underwear"
Rodtmattstrasse 110
3003 Bern
Téléphone: +41 31 323 56 43
Fax: +41 31 324 61 37
1.3 Délai souhaité pour poser des questions par écrit
Remarques: Should questions come up during the preparation of the tenders, it is possible to post them anonymously
in the question forum at The answers are given in the same forum, and they are visible to all tenders.
1.4 Délai de clôture pour le dépôt des offres
Date: 08.11.2013
Heure: 16:00
1.5 Genre de pouvoir adjudicateur
Confédération (Administration fédérale centrale)
1.6 Mode de procédure choisi
Procédure ouverte
1.7 Genre de marché
Marché de fournitures
1.8 Soumis à l'accord GATT/OMC, respectivement aux accords internationaux

2. Objet du marché
2.1 Genre du marché de fournitures
2.2 Titre du projet du marché
Functional underwear
2.3 Référence / numéro de projet
Functional underwear/ZPA
2.4 Vocabulaire commun des marchés publics
CPV: 18310000 - Sous-vêtements
2.5 Description détaillée des produits
armasuisse procures functional underwear. The system consists of 2 layers, each of which influences the heat and moisture balance in interaction with the others. The system includes T-Shirt, boxer shorts, roll shirts and long pants for the military sectors of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS).
2.6 Lieu de la fourniture
2.7 Marché divisé en lots?
Les offres sont possibles pour: tous les lots

Lot n°: 1
CPV: 18310000 - Sous-vêtements
Brève description: Layer 1, consisting of 1 T-Shirt und Boxershorts
De: 01.01.2014

Lot n°: 2
CPV: 18310000 - Sous-vêtements
Brève description: Layer 2, consisting of 1 Rollshirt und Longpants
De: 01.01.2014
2.8 Des variantes sont-elles admises?
2.9 Des offres partielles sont-elles admises?

3. Conditions
3.1 Conditions générales de participation
3.2 Cautions/garanties
3.3 Conditions de paiement
30 days bet after
3.4 Coûts à inclure dans le prix offert
- All expenses and insurances
- Transport and customs
- Any additional fees charged by the manufacturing- and target country
3.5 Communauté de soumissionnaires
are permitted
3.6 Sous-traitance
are permitted
3.7 Critères d'aptitude
conformément aux critères suivants:
All companies with sufficient economic capacity, which meet the following criteria and proof of suitability acc. to para
3.8, ar invited to submit a request for participation.
3.8 Justificatifs requis
conformément aux justificatifs suivants:
The evidence listed below, complete and without any restriction or modification, must be confirmed, enclosed and met together with the submitted tender, otherwise the tender is not considered.
E1: Enforced payment collection and commercial register records or equivalent foreign document (not older than 3 months, the day of submission is decisive).
E2: Company portrait with organisation chart, legal form, size, number of employed personnel, market position. This documentation must also be established for important subcontractors, according to Para. 1.4. of the supplier self-declaration (Enclosure 1, Annex 1) . The production chain for all materials used must be reproducible.
Compliance with the 8 core conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is mandatory for services provided abroad.
E3: Upon request of the awarding authority tenderer/manufacturer is prepared to have himself and his partner companies reviewed by an independent audit institute. In particular, the review is to ensure the compliance with the IAO core conventions and with local occupational and industrial safety requirements. Tenderer confirms in writing that he has taken note that in case of non-compliance with one or several IAO core conventions or one or several occupational and industrial safety requirements the tender is excluded from competition.
E4: Evidence provided by tenderer that he will assume the overall responsibility for the present project, in particular that tenderer is the sole contracting partner of the awarding authority. Possible participants have to be listed with the roles assigned to them.
E5: Evidence of a single point of contact for all business processes such as orders, payments, services.
E6: Tenderer or manufacturer operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent.
E7: Tenderer must furnish 3 references which since 2008 correspond to comparable deliveries in large-scale production by analogy with the product in the invitation to tender. Provide information on company, address and point of contact.
E8: Tenderer confirms that he can supply half of the annual quantity within 24 weeks from receipt of the order until delivery to armasuisse.
E9: Tenderer is willing/has capacity to meet the specified deadlines. Tenderer must prove that he has the capacity to fully perform the submitted tender, i.e. tenderer must be able to handle all orders simultaneously. In case of non-performance the awarding authority reserves the right to rescind the awarded contract (BöB Art. 11) and a claim for a contractual penalty will be made.
E10: Confirmation by tenderer that he and his main subcontractors according to para. 1.4 of the supplier self-declaration (Enclosure 1, Annex 1) comply with the minimum wages applying in the country of the respective production site.
E11: Confirmation by tenderer that he accepts the enclosed General Conditions as per Enclosure 5.
E12: Confirmation by tenderer that he accepts the General Terms and Conditions of the Swiss Confederation for the procurement of goods, retrievable under
E13: Compliance with national legislations for all domains of environmental protection (air, water, etc.) for all process steps of tenderer and of his main subcontractors acc. to para. 1.4 of the supplier self-declaration (Enclosure 1, Annex 1).
3.9 Critères d'adjudication
conformément aux critères cités dans les documents
3.10 Conditions à l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Déclaration d'acquisition du dossier d'appel d'offre souhaitée jusqu'au: 04.11.2013
Prix: aucun
3.11 Langues acceptées pour les offres
3.12 Validité de l'offre
180 jours à partir de la date limite d'envoi
3.13 Obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Dossier disponible à partir du: 30.08.2013 jusqu'au 08.11.2013
Langues du dossier d'appel d'offres: Allemand
Autres informations pour l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres: You may download the documents from the
electronic platform, heading "Public Procurement, Federal Invitations to Tender".
To do this, you first have to register in the above-mentioned project, and can then download the requested documents, using the login and password which you will receive by e-mail. A question forum is available.

4. Autres informations
4.1 Conditions pour les pays n'ayant pas adhéré aux accords de l'OMC
4.2 Conditions générales
General Conditions
4.3 Négociations
remain reserved
4.4 Conditions régissant la procédure
The client only awards public commissions for services in Switzerland to tenderers who comply with job security regulations and the conditions of work for employees, and provide equal payment for men and women.

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