(18111) 601 Treasury management system 2020

6135202 SIMAP - 23.11.2018
Raison: Marchés publics (Appel d'offres - Source: SIMAP)
- Mode de procédure choisi:  Procédure ouverte
- Genre de marché:  Indisponible
- Soumis à l'accord de l'OMC:  Oui

1. Pouvoir adjudicateur
1.1 Nom officiel et adresse du pouvoir adjudicateur
Service d'achat/Entité adjudicatrice
Federal Finance Administration FFA, Federal Treasury FT
Service organisateur/Entité organisatrice
Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FOBL
Fellerstrasse 21
3003 Berne
E-mail: beschaffung.wto@bbl.admin.ch
1.2 Les offres sont à envoyer à l'adresse suivante
Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FOBL
Project (18111) 601 Treasury management system 2020
Fellerstrasse 21
3003 Berne
Fax: +41 58 463 26 98
E-mail: beschaffung.wto@bbl.admin.ch
1.3 Délai souhaité pour poser des questions par écrit
Remarques: If any questions arise when compiling the tender, you can submit these in anonymised form to the questions forum at www.simap.ch.
Any questions submitted after this deadline cannot be answered.
Tenderers will be notified by email as soon as the answers have been posted on www.simap.ch.
1.4 Délai de clôture pour le dépôt des offres
Date: 01.02.2019
Heure: 23:59
Exigences formelles: Specific deadlines and formal requirements: Concerning the submission of tenders: address see paragraph 1.2.
When submitting to FOBL goods acceptance unit (by tenderer or courier):
The tender must be submitted no later than the above-mentioned submission date during the goods acceptance unit's opening hours (08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00) in return for issue of a confirmation of receipt from the FOBL.
When submitting / delivering by post:
The date used to determine the timeliness of submission is the postmark date or barcode issued by a Swiss post office or a staterecognized postal operator in another country (corporate postmarks are not accepted as official postmarks).
When submitting / delivering the tender to a Swiss diplomatic or consular mission abroad:
Tenderers based in another country may submit their tender, by the above deadline and during the opening hours, to a Swiss diplomatic or consular mission in their own country in return for issue of a confirmation receipt. The tenderer must then fax the confirmation of receipt from the respective mission by the submission deadline (see section 1.2).
In all cases, the tenderer must ensure that it secures evidence that the tender was submitted on time.
Any tenders submitted after the deadline will not be considered and will be returned to the tenderer.
1.5 Genre de pouvoir adjudicateur
Confédération (Administration fédérale centrale)
1.6 Mode de procédure choisi
Procédure ouverte
1.7 Genre de marché
1.8 Soumis à l'accord GATT/OMC, respectivement aux accords internationaux

2. Objet du marché
2.1 Genre du marché de fournitures
Contrat d'oeuvres
2.2 Titre du projet du marché
(18111) 601 Treasury management system 2020
2.3 Référence / numéro de projet
(18111) 601
2.4 Vocabulaire commun des marchés publics
CPV: 72000000 - Services de technologies de l'information, conseil, développement de logiciels, internet et appui
2.5 Description détaillée des produits
The Federal Finance Administration's Federal Treasury is looking for a competent, reliable and high-performance supplier who will provide, configure and implement a (standard) application for executing the statutory mandate in accordance with the requirements specified and who will further develop it over the entire performance period. Moreover, the tenderer is to provide services for operation, support and maintenance, as well as more extensive maintenance.
2.6 Lieu de la fourniture
Bern for specialist matters and Oberzollikofen and Bern (Frauenfeld from approx. 2021) for technical matters.
2.7 Marché divisé en lots?
2.8 Des variantes sont-elles admises?
2.9 Des offres partielles sont-elles admises?
2.10 Délai de livraison
Remarques: Start: 3rd quarter 2019
Finish: 3rd quarter 2030

3. Conditions
3.1 Conditions générales de participation
3.2 Cautions/garanties
3.3 Conditions de paiement
Within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, net in CHF, plus VAT, provided that the invoice is correctly submitted via e-billing.
Federal Administration information on e-billing can be found on the following website: http://www.e-rechnung.admin.ch/index.php.
3.4 Coûts à inclure dans le prix offert
All prices are to be stated in Swiss francs (CHF) and net of VAT. The price net of VAT includes in particular insurance, expenses, social security contributions, transport, customs duty, etc.
3.5 Communauté de soumissionnaires
Not permitted
3.6 Sous-traitance
Permitted. If the tenderer involves subcontractors for contract performance, the tenderer will assume overall responsibility. The tenderer must list all subcontractors involved, together with their assigned roles.
3.7 Critères d'aptitude
conformément aux critères suivants:
All companies with sufficient economic capacity, which meet the following criteria and proof of suitability acc. to paragraph 3.8, are invited to submit a tender in CHF.
3.8 Justificatifs requis
conformément aux justificatifs suivants:
The verification of competences must be submitted absolutely complete and without restriction or modification in writing. If not complete, the tender offer will not be evaluated.

EC01 Economic/financial capacity
The tenderer has sufficient economic/financial capacity to be able to fulfil the mandate.
Official extract from the commercial register and extract from the debt collection register no older than three months when requested by the client. In the case of overseas tenderers, comparable and current official document from the foreign country.
This eligibility evidence is to be submitted only upon request after the tender has been submitted and before the contract has been awarded.

EC02 Experience
The tenderer has sufficient experience of projects that are comparable with this mandate in terms of scope, requirements, migration (transfer of data from a third-party system) and complexity (introduction incl. configuration / parameterisation / partial programming of a TMS incl. maintenance in a large organisation (such as banks, insurance companies) or a public institution (e.g. public administration). This experience is to be demonstrated by means of 2 references that fulfil the following points:
- The projects were completed no more than 4 years before the tender submission deadline;
- At least one (1) of the projects must have been carried out with a borrower (bond issuer) active on the CHF capital market.
References regarding the tenderer for projects carried out for the Confederation are permitted only if the reference people mentioned gave their written consent to the provision of information.

EC03 Human resources
The tenderer has the necessary human resources to be able to carry out the mandate as described in the specifications.

EC04 Contact
The tenderer has a single point of contact (SPOC) who is responsible for the escalation of problems concerning the mandate and can make decisions.

EC05 Language skills of key persons
The tenderer is prepared to deploy key persons who can communicate in German (spoken and written) and can prepare and deliver the project results and documentation in German.

EC06 Personnel security screening
The tenderer is willing to disclose the names of the persons intended for deployment at the client's first request and to subject them to personnel security screening in accordance with the Ordinance on Personnel Security Screening (PSSO; SR 120.4) after conclusion of the procurement contract. More detailed information is available at www.aios.ch.

EC07 Replacement of employees
The tenderer is willing to replace the employees deployed as follows if there is good cause to do so:
The performance and deployment of the persons made available by the tenderer are assessed by the client. If, in the process, a discrepancy is found relative to the requirements and criteria according to the specifications and appendices, the tenderer has to make a statement on this. Thereafter, the client will decide whether the tenderer will be obliged to replace the persons concerned within 14 days with persons who meet the requirements.
Within the context of executing the mandate, other important grounds for replacing staff could arise, e.g. negative federal personnel security screening, contract termination, prolonged holidays, accident, illness, etc. The tenderer is responsible for replacing such a person with an equally qualified person. Involvement in other projects of the supplier does not qualify as an important reason in this regard.

EC08 a) Compliance with procedural principles
The tenderer confirms that it and the third parties commissioned by it (subcontractors and sub-suppliers) are in compliance with the procedural principles in accordance with the self-declaration form of the Federal Procurement Conference FPC.
b) Additional evidence of compliance with the principle of equal pay for men and women
In addition to the self-declaration form, tenderers and their first-level subcontractors with over 50 employees each have to provide evidence of how the wage practice was checked.

EC09 Acceptance of the Confederation's general terms and conditions (GTC):
- for IT works contracts and contracts for the maintenance of individual software packages, October 2010 edition
- for the procurement and maintenance of standard software, October 2010 edition
- for IT services, October 2010 edition

EC10 Acceptance of the draft contract
The tenderer is willing to accept the draft contract in enclosure [B1] to the specifications without reservation.

EC11 Place of performance
The tenderer is willing to accept Berne as the place of performance for specialist matters and Oberzollikofen and Berne (Frauenfeld from approx. 2021) as the place of performance for technical matters and to perform work as necessary at workplaces provided by the user.

EC12 Project manager
The tenderer confirms that the project management used has at least the seniority level "Senior" (see description below).
Senior competence level:
- In-depth knowledge of the specialist area
- Five or more years' professional experience in the specialist area
- Carries out orders independently and can provide technical guidance to experienced persons
- Ability to manage projects professionally
- Ability to conceptualise, advise and solve challenging problems in the specialist area
- Can be classified as a manager within a larger company, but without having direct managerial responsibility

EC13 Support
The tenderer confirms acceptance of the following conditions for the support of the TMS (according to the specifications section 3.6 - BM02: Licence, support and maintenance):
Service times
- Standby times: Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 18.00, excluding Swiss bank holidays
- Response and intervention time: 2 hours (during standby times)
- Defect remediation time: 24 hours
- Telephone, email/webticket in German

EC14 Operation
The tenderer confirms acceptance of the following conditions for the operation of the TMS (according to the specifications section 3.7 - OP01: TMS operation):
Service times
- Standby times: Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 18.00, excluding Swiss bank holidays
- Response and intervention time: 2 hours
- Troubleshooting time: 6 hours
- Availability per year: 99% of standby time

EC15 Functionality
The tenderer confirms that, at the latest when the tender is submitted, the TMS will cover the requirements set out in the list of technical specifications (Appendix [A3]) and the award criteria catalogue Appendix [4] in accordance with the self-declaration.
3.10 Conditions à l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
Prix: aucun
3.11 Langues acceptées pour les offres
3.12 Validité de l'offre
180 jours à partir de la date limite d'envoi
3.13 Obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres
sous www.simap.ch
Dossier disponible à partir du: 23.11.2018
Langues du dossier d'appel d'offres: Allemand, Anglais
Autres informations pour l'obtention du dossier d'appel d'offres: The documentation on the public call to tender for the project mentioned can be downloaded from the platform www.simap.ch under: Running procedures, Confederation, Invitations to tender. In order to do so, you first have to register in the above-mentioned project. You will then be able to log in and use the password received by e-mail to download the desired documentation.

4. Autres informations
4.1 Conditions pour les pays n'ayant pas adhéré aux accords de l'OMC
4.2 Conditions générales
Processing in accordance with the Confederation's general terms and conditions (GTC) for:
- IT works contracts and contracts for the maintenance of individual software packages (October 2010 edition);
- the procurement and maintenance of standard software (October 2010 edition);
- IT services (October 2010 edition);
Available at https://www.beschaffung.admin.ch/bpl/de/home/auftraege-bund/agb.html.
4.3 Négociations
Negotiations are reserved. The requesting office will not conduct price negotiation rounds. Only if special circumstances such as the clarification or specification of the requirements so warrant and if the requesting office exceptionally and explicitly permits it with invitations to possible negotiations will the tenderers get the opportunity to adapt their prices.
4.4 Conditions régissant la procédure
The contracting authority awards public contracts for goods and services provided in Switzerland only to tenderers guaranteeing compliance with workplace health and safety regulations and employee working conditions, as well as equal pay for men and women.
If the place of performance is abroad, the tenderer must guarantee compliance with at least the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organization in accordance with Annex 2a of the PPO.
The self-declaration of the Federal Procurement Conference (FPC), "Tenderer's self-declaration concerning compliance with minimum social requirements" is to be signed and enclosed with the tender.
4.5 Autres indications
Subject to the procurement maturity of the project for the purchase and the availability of the credits.

The contracting authority reserves the right to procure the goods and services defined as optional in their entirety, in part or not at all.

The specifications, all appendices to the specifications and the enclosure [B2] are available in German and English. The other enclosures to the specifications, including the draft contract, are available in German. In the event of any contradictions in the translated tender documentation (e.g. in the specifications and associated appendices), the German version will prevail.
4.6 Organe de publication officiel
4.7 Indication des voies de recours
Pursuant to Art. 30 of the Federal Act on Public Procurement, an appeal against this publication may be filed within 20 days since notification in writing in an official language of Switzerland to the Federal Administrative Court, Postfach, 9023 St.Gallen. The appeal petition must be submitted in duplicate and must contain the application, the grounds of appeal with details of the evidence and the signature of the appellant or his agent; a copy of the present publication and documents cited as evidence must be attached, provided they are in the appellant's possession.

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